Welcome to saabar.se!

Saabar.se is a site dedicated to Saab cars in general and Classic Saab cars in particular.



The intention with saabar.se is to share information and pictures on my Saab cars, as well as other Saab cars from Saab meetings and events from Sweden and abroad.

Why Saab?

Saab is a very exciting car marquee. With Saabs origin from the Swedish Aeroplane industry and a very successful career in rallying, together with many unique innovations, Saab's heritage gives a very distinctive touch to the Saab cars. Functionality, together with handling, performance and environmental considerations in an exciting package is the core of the brand. Compared to many other large companies, this is done with limited resources, but with an ingenuity that is hard to find elsewhere.

Another exiting thing with Saab cars are the Saab drivers. They are not only drivers, they are dedicated enthusiasts that hardly can be found elsewhere. If not before, this was demonstrated for the world when enthusiasts all over the world stood up for Saab and demonstrated their belief in the Saab company and it's future  in january 2010.
Please note, I don't say it was the enthusiasts that made all the difference, but I am confident that we made a very important contribution.

I was active as chairman and webmaster for Svenska Saabklubben for roughly a decade and the Saab hobby has given me many dear friends in Sweden and all over the world which is very rewarding and fun.

What will you find here?

You will find hundreds of pictures from different Saab meetings and perhaps some other car meetings as well, some  of my thoughts and presentations of my Saab cars, full scale and smaller. There will also be some trivia on this very special Swedish car maker.

One or more Saabs?

Many Saabenthusiasts tends to own more than one Saab. I think that each model is so special and have a great "personality" of it's own, so it's hard to confine to only one Saab.

For instance, the great rally car series that started with the Saab 92 and ended (?) with Saab 96 and further on with the 99. The 99 Turbo teached the whole world what a Turbo was, the 900 Convertible made open cars available to so many and boosted sales. The Saab 9000 that was so much ahead of it's time that sales contracts was traded among buyers before Saab started the deliveries and so on. Each and every Saab leaves it's distinct footprint in the automotive history.

Naturally, I am an active member of The Saab Classic Car Club of Sweden namely the Svenska Saabklubben that focus on Saabs from the Saab 92 to the Saab 9000. I strongly recommend a visit to their site. 

I hope that you will enjoy these pages, and again, welcome!

Martin Bergstrand